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Shop our great selection of Saint Ann Medals made right here in the USA. Our St Ann jewelry is available in sterling silver, gold filled and 14KT gold finishes. Choose from a variety of styles including oval, round and square. Except for the 14KT gold medallions, each necklace comes with a chain and a lobster claw. Pendants for women are hung on 18" curb chain, while men's come with 24" heavy stainless steel curb chain. These wonderful symbols of Catholic Faith arrive packaged in a deluxe velvet box ready for gifting.

A St. Ann medal necklace is a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry for Catholics who want to show their devotion to the patron saint of mothers and grandmothers, as well as housewives, miners, and travelers. The necklace typically features a medal of St. Ann on a chain, which serves as a powerful symbol of devotion and a reminder to pray for her intercession.

The medal itself often features an image of St. Ann on one side and the name "St. Ann" on the other. It comes in different sizes and shapes, and can be worn on a necklace chain to allow the wearer to keep the medal close to their heart, as a constant reminder of the saint's intercession.

Wearing a St. Ann sterling medal necklace is a great way to show devotion to the saint, as it can be worn in plain sight, allowing others to see the image of the saint and be reminded of her goodness. It also serves as a powerful reminder to the wearer of the power of prayer, especially when they are in need of her intercession.

It's also a great gift for mothers, grandmothers, housewives, miners, travelers or anyone who wishes to have the protection and intercession of St. Ann.



Sterling Silver St Ann Medal Necklace For Women 18" Curb Chain - Pendant 3/4 x 3/4
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